On April 5th, Hamilton High School on Robertson conducted a voter registration drive. Initially announced during the March for Our Lives rally on campus on 3/14, it was scheduled as a lunchtime clipboard based event. But careful and premeditated planning by Macy Bartlett (a junior) turned it into a full day action. Several History/Social Studies teachers made registration (or pre-registration for 16-17 year olds) an extra credit project and with the help of Noah Pineda, the duo was able to register over 100 people during the first 3 hours of school.

The full team kicked in at lunch time. Sponsored by Mr. Shoham, the faculty head of the ASB Club (Associated Student Body) and 20+ ASB members, these volunteers scoured the quad and cafeteria for likely candidates bringing the total registrations to 214 people. The action included a robocall from the principal, an electronic school newsletter, and PA announcements all in addition to the announcement at the rally. Macy also ran a lunchtime training and an after school training the day before with a recap prior to the lunchtime drive. Adult assistance during lunch was provide by Sarah Jakle, Amy Philips, Wendy Turk, and Melanie & Greg Bartlett.

In addition to conducting future voter registration initiatives at Hamilton, Macy is working on building this toolkit into something that can be shared with students at other high schools in Los Angeles and around the country. She can be contacted at [email protected].