A consortium of Westside Democratic Clubs and activist organizations has formed to support Democratic candidates in 2018 House races in California swing districts.

The consortium–Westside Democratic HQ–will be leasing office space in Westwood to serve as a locus for phone banking, texting, canvassing, fundraising, and organizing in cooperation with the California Democratic Party. Currently targeted districts are: CA-10 (R-Denham), CA-45 (R-Walters), CA-21 (R-Valadao), CA-48 (R-Rohrabacher), CA-22 (R-Nunes), CA-49 (R-Issa-retiring), CA-25 (R-Knight), CA-50 (R-Hunter), CA-39 (R-Royce-retiring)

Members of the Westside Dem HQ include: Code Blue, Heart of LA Democratic Club, Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, Santa Monica Democratic Club, Stonewall Democratic Club, Swing SoCal Left, West LA Democratic Club, and Westchester-Playa Democratic Club.

The consortium plans a kickoff rally and fundraiser on Saturday, April 14 at Santa Monica High School. The rally will feature Rep. Ted Lieu, Rep. Maxine Waters, CDP Chair Eric Bauman, among other notable speakers, as well as candidates from swing districts. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE.


Tamara Levenson (Code Blue):

Code blue makes local elections a national effort and this DEM HQ is giving us an amazing opportunity to bring hundreds of volunteers together to export our deep blue power to phone bank, text, and canvass into our nearby swing districts.

Lindsay Carlson (Heart of LA Democratic Club):

Heart of LA just celebrated our first anniversary as a chartered club. Formed by a group of volunteers from the Hillary campaign, we were looking for a way to channel the energy we had in 2016 into something positive and productive after the election. We’re the first countywide club focusing on women’s issues and promoting feminist candidates. The Westside Dem HQ will provide a platform for our volunteers for the 2018 elections.

Melissa Grant (Pacific Palisades Democratic Club):

In 2018, the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club recognizes that Trump and his GOP sycophants in Congress must be stopped. The best way for us to do that is join other Democratic clubs and key grassroots organizations on the Westside to open the Westside Democratic HQ.  We’ll marshal an army of volunteers to help flip the congressional districts that voted for Hillary, but elected a Republican to the House of Representatives. Nothing is more important than taking the House back. 

Domi Piturro (Santa Monica Democratic Club):

We are one of the oldest clubs on the Westside, with a long tradition of progressive politics at the vanguard of California policy. In normal political circumstances, I’m fine with the right-left swing. But with the advent of Trump and the Republicans moving in a nationalist, misogynistic direction, it’s time something shifted. We need to get aggressively active–it’s time for Democrats to stand up and kick ass.

Jane Wishon (Stonewall Democratic Club):

Stonewall Democratic Club is the first Stonewall Club in the country. Its been working for social justice, LGBT and Feminist rights since 1975. Now more than ever we recognize the intersections of all the communities under attack by Trump’s  administration, and the absolutely vital need to flip Congress to blue so we can #resist his agenda.

Duane Muller (Westchester-Playa Democratic Club):

If 2017 was the year of resistance, then 2018 is the year of persistence.  We are helping to build a social movement through political organizing – just one tool of many in the arsenal of social change. The Westchester-Playa Democratic Club knows that we need to be smarter and work collaboratively to have a greater impact. We need to amplify our voice, leverage our resources, and build strategic coalitions. We can succeed by working together with Westside Dem Clubs and grassroots organizations to #FlipTheHouse and restore democracy.

Cara Robin (West LA Democratic Club):

The West LA Democratic Club is your community of Democrats for the large westside region of blue, blue Los Angeles. We are a grassroots force behind political campaigns and initiatives and are committed to advancing the progressive agenda and working for social justice.Our main focus in 2018 is to take back Congress by flipping the House from red to blue. Joining forces with like-minded Democrats at a joint Westside HQ will motivate and  activate our respective volunteers and get the job done!