On June 23rd over 125 activists from the  joined 5 progressive Democrats who ran for the CA39 Congressional seat in the June primary to celebrate successfully advancing Gil Cisneros to the General Election in November. 

The Unity Celebration engaged representatives from inside and outside the district: several Indivisible groups, Democratic Clubs, Labor, civic organizations, and the Democratic Party of Orange County, as well as three Swing Left groups (SGV, Claremont, Riverside) to support the election of Gil Cisneros and other Progressive candidates across the District.

Each of the candidates, elected officials, activists, and leaders who spoke pledged to do everything possible to unite in a common effort to send Gil to congress and address the many cruel initiatives of the Trump Administration by electing a Democratic Congress. 

Chris Hon, a respected local activist, who emceed the event, summarized it quite effectively:

“We find ourselves in a situation that none of us could have anticipated: the nation is looking to Orange County to usher in an era of progressive change. While it is no doubt under threat, we still have a democracy. Let us use it before that ceases to be the case. Let us not let our nation down. Let us not let the vulnerable among us down. Let us not let the most essential values to human society and decency down.

This November, that means doing everything in our power to make sure people that want something different from a quarter century of Ed Royce say so with their ballots. It means electing Gil Cisneros to the 39th Congressional District.”

(full text of Chris’ statement)