SoCal Voter Registration Blasts Off

The antidote to powerlessly watching and reading the news from Washington is seeing the energy and the history in the making on the front lines of California’s swing districts.

Let’s make a deal:  I’ll tell you a little bit about what we’ve been seeing, and in the next thirty days, you come back and tell us something you’ve seen.

The prize for most troops on the ground at the fastest pace has to go to the Democratic clubs and grassroots groups in CA-25 (Simi Valley/Palmdale) and their allies in CA-33 and CA-37.  Groups like the Simi Valley Democratic Club, Democratic Alliance for Action and CA-25 United for Progress wasted no time getting canvassing, tabling and clipboard registration events going and the 30+ neighborhood chapters of Swing Left eagerly trekked up to join the party.  Add to that CA-37 Rep Karen Bass’s Seachange PAC busing 200+ volunteers up from Los Angeles to knock on doors and, to put it mildly, you have a Movement.  Here’s what Republican CA-25 Rep Steve Knight sees in his nightmares…

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A little ways down the road in Orange County, reps from 17+ grassroots groups and Democratic clubs came together in Dana Rohrabacher’s backyard for the first meeting of the Flip the 48th Committee…


In CA-48 (Huntington Beach/Costa Mesa), they are particularly tactical and coordinated.  They were the first SoCal district to hold a steering committee meeting to unite the registered Democratic clubs and the new grassroots organizations.

Sorry Dana’s well-paid staff (those related to him, I mean.  Not the ones struggling for peanuts and doing the real work), I’m not going to tell you what the Laguna Beach Democratic Club, Indivisible OC, Together We Will-OC, Courage Campaign, Code Blue, Democratic Club of South Orange County, Democratic Women of South Orange County, Huntington Beach Huddle, Image Action, Indivisible OC-48, Laguna Niguel Huddle, Laguna Unites, OC Resistance, South Orange County Patriots, Swing Left -Huntington Beach/Seal Beach or Women for American Values & Ethics are doing for free.

I will tell you that while Dana was sport fishing with BREXIT leader Nigel Farage and bragging about it on Facebook, Flip the 48th has grown to include more groups.   If Dana thinks he’s going to spend a lot more time relaxing, not even having to campaign or spend money, he’s in for a surprise.





To everyone else, the Voter Registration Training & Neighborhood Walks every other Saturday morning that came out of this Flip the 48th meeting are just the beginning.  To everyone who doesn’t , if you can’t make Saturday, there’s an evening Voter Registration training on May 9th with Sue Bernside that should be awesome.

And then, a little further down the road, a little later in the month…



CA 49!

Did you think we forgot about you?

Here’s 80+ representatives from 50+ groups meeting to coordinate the campaign to replace CA-49’s Darryl Issa at the 49th District Action Council meeting.  I’m not going to list them all, but between researchers from the braintrust at CATALYST, the combined might of the Democratic Club of Orange County/Carlsbad and the South Orange County Democratic Club, Indivisible 49 and new startups like like Indivisible Ladera (nice work getting the Voter Registration Training in San Juan Capistrano going on the 13th!).

This might be seem like an overmatch for one Congressman, but we are talking about the richest man in Congress with 250+ million.   The one the Republican Congressional Committee put in it’s Patriot Program for endangered incumbents so he can get some of those $5 and $10 donations they’re collecting from poor retirees in red states while trying to take away their health care.  Something to think about when when you’re knocking on doors.


Did I say anything yet about the many voter registration trainings that Register Blue has been hosting and co-hosting with many groups, including Swing SoCal Left and Swing Left Culver City…




…or about the tables they have been setting up at practically every march or…







 …about the Wondercon registration drive led by California Away Team that Reg Blue and Swing SoCal Left sent people to, where an alien refugee from a dying planet with an “S” on her chest became an American voter or….








…about the family of volunteers that drove from LA to Oceanside to register voters with DEMCCO at the Oceanside Earth Day Festival (NICE haul!) and…







…well, look at the pictures.  And post or send more.  Your first voter registered.  Tell us insights you picked up.   Most of us are new at this and what we’re doing has never been done before, we’re all just figuring it out (me included) and we need every hand and voice.  Come to the next Swing SoCal Left voter registration training in CA-33 on May 10th and we’ll take one together.

See you soon.

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