According to a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic, only 28 percent of young voters will certainly vote in the upcoming midterm election in November. In contrast, 74 percent of seniors said they would definitely vote.

This news is not good news for Democrats. Although Millennial support for Democrats has waned recently, voters ages 18 to 34, as a group, still support Democrats over Republicans. With close, competitive Congressional districts,  the votes from this group could make the difference.

In particular, young women support Democrats by a 35 point difference. On the other end, young, white, male voters prefer Republicans by 11 percent. In 2016, these young men favored Democrats by 12 percent.

So, please get out and canvass, phone bank, text bank, and more. Search for events in your area here! Every vote counts!


Sea Change Day of Action in Palmdale; crowd of more than 400 to flip the 25th district blue

Sea Change Canvassing Kick-Off Rally in Palmdale brought out 400+

flip the 49th getting ready to canvass

Flip the 49th! getting ready to canvas near Carlsbad

Volunteers phonebanking at a Westside Democratic HQ phone bank

Volunteers phonebanking at the Westside Democratic HQ in Westwood