Marcy Miroff Rothenberg describes in “A Good Problem: Many Democratic Campaigns Are Awash in Blue Wave Volunteers” how to maximize volunteer enthusiasm in political campaigns. Specifically, she talks about how the Katie Hill campaign in CA-25 has adeptly harnessed their large number of campaign volunteers.

Like Katie Hill, numerous Democratic candidates have a problem this year: a potentially overwhelming number of volunteer. From longtime Democratic clubs and unions to new organizations like Swing Left and Indivisible, candidates have far more volunteers than in previous years.

Katie Hill‘s campaign manager, Zack Czajkowski explains that, in order to effectively dispatch everyone, they have to stay focused and organized.

They concentrate on the logistics of organizing. For example, they need to ensure there are enough training opportunities for all the volunteers and groups.

They have to make sure groups are aware of events. Furthermore, these groups need to know where to RSVP and what is expected at the event.

The Katie Hill campaign prioritizes canvassing. Talking one-one-one with voters is the most effective way to get out the vote.

In addition, Katie does not take money from corporations or PACs. Thus, her campaign asks for fundraising help from the volunteers and groups, which they happily assist with.

With all these strategies, hopefully Kattie Hill will win in November!

Check out events to help send Katie Hill to Congress!

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Volunteers for Katie Hill

Volunteers for Katie Hill

100+ volunteers registering to canvass for Katie Hill

100+ volunteers registering to canvass for Katie Hill