23 June. Santa Clarita.

Two weeks after Katie Hill emerged from the June 5, California primary as the Democratic candidate for Congress in CA District 25, her campaign staff and volunteer army took a deep breath and assembled at their Santa Clarita Campaign HQ for a day of celebration and voter registration.

On hand were both Katie and Christy Smith, CA Assembly District 38 candidate, who both spoke to the assembled crowd.

“This early in the campaign, we thought we’d have maybe 25 volunteers showing up,” said Deputy Field Director Jill Klascius, “We were shocked when over 150 walked in.”

Spirits ran high as volunteers collected their registration packets and fanned out to locations throughout the district to register new voters and answer questions about the campaign. They were joined by Swing SoCal Left staff Troy Takaki and Wayne Liebman, pictured below with Smith and Hill.


The day concluded with a campaign sponsored supper for volunteers, where the talk was politics, of course. With volunteer enthusiasm abundant, both the Hill and Smith campaigns are gearing up for an active summer of canvassing throughout the district.

G’night, Steve Knight.