The Harley Rouda “All Hands on Deck” kickoff rally and organizational event is this Sunday, July 22, but volunteers couldn’t wait and got a huge head start the week before with canvasses all over District 48:

To join the fun and help elect Harley Rouda, RSVP for more details on this Sunday’s event.

CA-48 is one of the most competitive Congressional districts nationwide. This will be the first real challenge District 48’s Dan Rohrabacher has faced in decades. Every vote will definitely count. Hence, they need all the volunteers they can get.

Harley Rouda is the best candidate to represent CA-48. He will fight for progressive issues. Notably, he supports Medicare for All. He also wants to end Citizens United. Read more about the issues he cares about.

If you can not make the meeting this Sunday, check out other ways to help make Harley the next Congressman for CA-48.


Canvassing to elect Harley Rouda