The New York Times profiled Harley Rouda and the race for the CA-48 Congressional seat in Orange County. Democrats have made winning this seat a top priority.

Recently a Republican, Harley Rouda is now in favor of Medicare for All, a $15-an-hour federal minimum wage tied to inflation, and free tuition at public colleges. He sees these as fiscally responsible.

The Republican candidate is Dana Rohrabacher. With his strong support for Mr. Trump and pro-Russian policies, Democrats all over the country want to see him defeated.

Currently, the race is tied. In this district, registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats by 10 points.

However, about a third of registered voters decline to state a party affiliation. In addition, Hillary Clinton won this district by nine percentage points.
Still, he needs all the help he can get. The race will be very close. There are several GOTV events every day. Check out all the events in CA-48.
Harley Rouda with Ted LieuHarley Rouda canvassing