Gil Cisneros behind Young Kim in a new Monmouth Poll from September. In this race for the 39th Congressional district, Kim, a Republican, polled with 46% support, while Gil Cisneros, the Democratic candidate, had 42%. 12% declared undecided. Hillary Clinton won this district by 8%.

Ed Royce currently represents this district. He won this district by 14% in 2016. Despite that large margin of victory, he decided to retire. Young Kim is his hand-picked successor.

Ed Royce has voted with Trump 97.8% of the time.

In contrast, Gil Cisneros has progressive views. His positions include:
– healthcare for all
– a living wage for all Americans
– a believe in climate change and the need for action
– support for LGBTQ rights
– defending Planned Parenthood
and much more

Cook Political Report, Inside Elections/Gonzales, and Sabato have this race a toss-up. FiveThirtyEight/Nate Silver has it lean republican.

This seat is very important if the Democrats hope to take back the House.

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