Republicans hope the “gas tax repeal” proposition on the California ballot in November will increase GOP voter turnout. As a result, their candidates in battleground Congressional districts in Orange County and the Central Valley will benefit.

The gas tax revenues pay for overdue repairs to California’s infrastructure. It has broad support from a wide range of business and labor leaders, including the League of California Cities and the California Chamber of Commerce.

However, a U.S.C. Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll in May found only 38 percent of voters supported the gas tax. Moreover, only 49 percent of Democrats did.

LA Times gas tax repeal poll graphic

Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader and a California Republican, has contributed money to the gas tax repeal. He did so in an effort to save Republican Congressional seats. In addition, the Republican candidate for Governor John Cox has made it one of his central issues.

Outgoing Governor Jerry Brown states, “This has nothing to do with taxes. This is engineered by the Republican congressional delegation to prop up their vulnerable Republicans…”

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