Co-hosted by over 40 groups in CA-49 (Oceanside/Carlsbad/Dana Point), the Flip The 49th Community Organizing Program is the foundation of the movement to replace representative Darryl Issa.  All are welcome at the Program Kick-Off and Training on May 6th and again on May 2oth.  The program aims to grow the grassroots movement by developing volunteers’ political organizing skills and supporting neighbor-to-neighbor precinct operations to increase voter registration, deepen voter participation and turn-out, engage swing and infrequent voters, and expand our activist groups’ membership.

If you want to get more deeply involved, you can apply for an Organizing Fellowship.  Modest living stipends may be available for Full-time Fellows based on need, and the program maybe used for college or graduate school internship or practicum credit.  For full details and instructions on how to apply, click on this link.