Flip the 14 and Code Blue, two organizations committed to expanding the map of winnable Congressional seats in California, announced a strategic partnership to amplify their work in California. Both bring to the table committed volunteers and a network of Resistance advocates ready to turn out voters, take back Congress, and hold Trump accountable.

Under this strategic alliance, Flip the 14 will deploy its large call center operation to recruit volunteers for joint Code Blue/Flip the 14 field campaigns and other calls to action. Flip the 14 will join Code Blue’s existing statewide strategy calls and provide trainings and strategic consultations to partnered Resistance groups. This mutual synergy will amplify the work of both organizations and make them both more effective as they help the Resistance create a blue wave in California.

Stay tuned for more information on the development of a Volunteer Recruitment Call Center Program that will be available to all coalition partners in CA-25.  Flip the 14 can also provide assistance with earned media and literature/walk pieces for CA-25.


More about Code Blue:  https://www.codeblue.team/  


More about Flip the 14:  http://www.flipthe14.com/ca25