From Palmdale to San Diego, progressive volunteers are turning out in force, mirroring new, sky-high progressive candidate fundraising reports.

Progressive canvassing and voter registration has built steadily since this summer and this week in particular was quite exceptional.  In the same week, new FEC reports showed that in the last quarter of 2017, Democratic candidates outraised Republicans in every SoCal swing district.  Still, Republican incumbents overall maintain big leads in cash on hand.  The exception is CA-50 (San Diego), where Duncan Hunter (R) raised a mere $51,000 and sees his cash on hand vanishing at a much faster rate.  Hunter is currently under criminal investigation and facing possible indictment.  CA-50 is starting to look like a swing district; however, neighboring CA-49 Rep Darrell Issa is abandoning his own seat as a lost cause and may be eyeing Hunter’s, an easier fight.

Scroll down for a district-by-district look at what’s happening on the ground and the fundraising details.


District CA-25 (Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Simi Valley)

More than 400 people turned out for Sea Change’s Day of Action in Palmdale this weekend.

Meanwhile, FEC reports show Democratic hopeful Katie Hill outraised incumbent Steve Knight $252,351 to $240,244 in 2017’s fourth quarter.  Nonetheless, Hill started 2018 with $382,848 total in the bank while Knight, with $794,748, has a big lead.  Hill’s fellow Democratic candidate Bryan Caforio is a close third with $211,397 and has $377,203 in the bank, not to mention 70% of the vote in last weekend’s California Democratic Pre-Endorsement Conferences, an event some compare to an early party straw poll.

The Antelope Valley Courthouse continues to be a great spot in CA-25 for Voter Registration.

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District CA-39 (Fullerton Region)

Democrat Mai Khan Train raised more than any candidate: $175,000, bringing her total to $535,000; however, fellow Democratic candidate Andy Thorburn, having loaned his own campaign $2.3 million, had $2 million on hand.  Gil Cisneros raised $133,000, loaned his campaign $1.3 million, and directly contributed $53,000, ending the year with $1 million in the bank.  Sam Jammal raised $121,000 and had $198,000 on hand.  Jay Chen won the most votes at this weekend’s CA Democratic Pre-Endorsement Conferences (47%), but only joined the race in January, so had no figures to report.

Department CA-39 Congressman Ed Royce had $3.7 million on hand when he announced his retirement, and is likely to put sizable resources behind Young Kim, the Republican candidate he has endorsed.

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District CA-45 (Irvine region)

Democrats Brian Forde and Katie Porter raised $401,798 and $261,076 respectively, while Dave Min (D) raised $212,093, but scored 67% of the votes in the Pre-Endorsement Conferences.  Republican incumbent Mimi Walters only raised $229,062 but ended the year with a whopping $1,404,448 in the bank.  Forde had $560,762, Porter had $510,299, and Min, $410.149.  The California 45th website has a great breakdown of where each candidates donations are coming from.  Spoiler alert: the vast majority of Walters’ money comes from PACs.  The top three Democrats’ contributions come almost exclusively from individual contributions.

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District CA-48 (Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa)

Democrats Harley Rouda and Hans Keirstead both handily outraised Republican incumbent Dana Rohrbacher.  Keirstead raised $601,608.26 and Rouda raised $626,000, though $500,000 of it was a self-loan.  Rohrabacher only raised $272,000 but has $713,144 cash on hand to Keirstead’s $302,034 and Rouda’s $372,578.  Democrat Laura Oatman raised $165,403 and ended the year with $56,526.30.  Omar Siddiqui raised less from donors ($73,000) but loaned his campaign $175,000; he had $373,000 on hand at year end.

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District CA-49 (Oceanside/Carlsbad)

Democrat Mike Levin was the top fundraiser with $305,000 and $487,000 cash on hand.  Fellow Democrat Doug Applegate raised $136,000 and had $249,000 in the bank at the end of the year.  Democratic newcomer to the race Sara Jacobs gave her campaign $1 million of her own money and so had $1.2 million at year’s end.

Though the richest man in Congress, CA-49 Rep Darrell Issa (R) raised $1,322,951, none of it his own, but he spent $937,533 to end the year with $1,052,398.  Seeing the writing on the wall, Issa is fleeing his seat with the cash on hand; nonetheless, this may actually make CA-49 a tougher seat for divided Democrats to win.  And this may not be the last we see of Issa and his money this cycle…

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District CA-50 (San Diego)

In San Diego’s District 50, Duncan Hunter raised less than $51,000 in the last quarter of 2017 and had $290,900 on hand at the end of the year.  Democratic Challenger Ammar Campa-Najjar raised $176,000 to end the year with $299,000.  Another Democrat, Josh Butner, raised $106,000 and had $231,891 in the bank.  Hunter is spending far more on lawyers than he is raising.  A second Republican, Shamus Sayed, raised $185,539 and had $147,486 in the bank and….

Waitaminute, what’s that circling in the sky around the Hunter billboard paid for with money raised by local Flip the 50th CA volunteers?





Why yes, it’s Darrell Issa, hovering in from CA-49 with his donors’ money, waiting for Duncan Hunter to be indicted!  Issa has left the door open to  jump into the race, where the pickings are easier.

To help win CA-50 and fend off the buzzards, go here.

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