Chino Valley Democratic Club

We stand for human rights and social justice. We believe in equal opportunity without the exclusion of any citizen or resident. We are committed to the rule of law and public election of governmental officeholders by Democratic process.

Code Blue

Code Blue’s stated goal is to rebuild a progressive voting majority in federal, state and local government. Code Blue is a Political Action Group focused on turning the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Governors and State Legislatures BLUE through coalition building, voter registration, text and phone-banking, fundraising and GOTV campaigns.

Courage Campaign

Courage Campaign fights for a more progressive California and country. Powered by 1.4 million members, our proven strategy combines digital tools with grassroots community organizing and powerful messaging. We focus on three priorities: Economic Justice, Human Rights, and Corporate and Political Accountability.

Flip 14 Logo

Flip the 14

Flip the 14 is focused on helping the Resistance defeat California’s 14 Republicans in Congress. Flip the 14 is focused on keeping the heat on these 14 Members, and supporting and amplifying the work of Resistance activists who will turn out the Democratic vote in those districts this November.


Health Access California

Health Access California is the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition, advocating for quality, affordable health care for all Californians. Health Access seeks to connect grassroots organizing and on-the-ground mobilization, to policy work with savvy Sacramento strategy.  Health Access has spent over 30 years undertaking community organizing, education, research, policy analysis, and advocacy to benefit health care consumers, both insured and uninsured. Health Access’ core mission is to preserve and expand access to health care, protect patients, and expand coverage to all Californians.

Indivisible CA 39

Our mission is to engage, educate, and organize a diverse, committed community of District 39 constituents, to resist Trump’s agenda by focusing on local, defensive congressional advocacy, and embracing progressive values. Our group joins others all around the country to take back our country from those motivated by hatred, greed and power, and make us truly an America for all. We are committed to flipping our district blue, and opposing the recall of Josh Newman.

Indivisible Claremont

Sister Districts/Swing Left is an action group of Indivisible Claremont. We organize paper canvasses in the Orange County portion of CA-49 and the San Bernardino County portion of CA-39. In Chino Hills we partner with Progressive 39th and Fair 39; together (50 volunteers strong in January) we plan to knock doors entire precincts at least once a month until there is a Democratic primary winner. We are governed by Swing Left goals and policies.


San Bernardino County Democratic Party

Recognizing that Democratic Clubs are a major component of the Democratic Party structure—providing outreach, organizing, support, visibility, and communication of Democratic values to grassroots Democrats in their area—the SBCDCC shall encourage Club development and expansion and provide on-going technical support.

Swing Left


Swing Left is an upstart volunteer army that is laser-focused on flipping the House of Representatives to Democratic control in the 2018 midterm elections – and stopping Trump and the Republicans’ agenda cold. We achieve this by canvassing, registering voters, phone banking, and getting out the vote in Swing Districts across the country.

Swing Left Riverside

Swing Left is a national organization dedicated to winning back the House for Democrats in 2018 by focusing on competitive swing districts. Our Riverside chapter targets CA-39, which is currently held by a soon-to-be retiring Republican who has voted with Donald Trump 95% of the time and who recently voted to give tax cuts to the wealthy by placing the burden on everyone else, especially Californians. We need only 24 seats to win back the House in 2018. Join us to make CA-39 one of them. What we do: – educate voters in CA-39 about Republican policies and urge them to vote Democratic in 2018 – mobilize to increase voter registration and turnout in the District – fundraise so the Democratic candidate can compete with the $3 million Republicans have for the upcoming campaign

Swing Left San Gabriel Valley

Swing Left is a national group aiming to flip the House Democratic in the 2018 midterms. Swing Left San Gabriel Valley is a subgroup centered around the San Gabriel Valley which is focused on electing a Democrat to Congress in District CA-39, to replace Republican Ed Royce, who is retiring. Our main activities are canvassing and voter registration and, eventually, Getting Out the Vote.

Together We Will Orange County

TWW is a non-partisan, diverse organization that connects people who care about similar issues with like-minded individuals in their community, providing a framework for them to come together to facilitate action and create change. Part of our culture of diversity is our belief that we don’t all have to agree with each other on every issue to be a powerful team. We welcome all levels of expertise and strive to maintain a supportive environment for anyone who wishes to learn, engage, and build a stronger community. As a group, we fight for progressive policies and create partnerships with other organizations. We work to protect and support a thriving democracy.