blue wave
24 Nov

Harley Rouda, Katie Porter, Gil Cisneros Win, But Is Just The Start

Tsunami In California

Katie Porter (CA-45), Harley Rouda (CA-48), orange-county-red-to-blue Rouda Porter Cisnerosand Gil Cisneros (CA-39) have all been declared the winner in their districts. Combined with the previously called race for Mike Levin in CA-49, Orange County will now be represented by all Democrats in Congress. The last time this happened was in the 1930s.

It is apparent there was a bigger blue wave than what pundits deemed on election night. In addition, the turnout turned out to be the biggest in 104 years for a midterm.

In other California races, Josh Harder defeated the incumbent in CA-10. TJ Cox has been gaining against the incumbent in CA-21 and the race is not over. California’s delegation may consist of only eight Republicans out of 53 representatives.

Blue Wave Nationally

The pattern has repeated itself in other parts of the country. FiveThirtyEight predicts Democrats will gain 40 seats nationwide in the House of Representatives.

Notably, the last Republican House member in New England lost. Maine Senator Susan Collins is the only Republican representing New England in Congress.

With Kyrsten Sinema’s win, Arizona now has a Democratic Senator for the first time since 1967. Democrats picked up several Governorships and have a total of 23. In addition, several state legislatures flipped to Democratic control, or Republicans lost a significant majority.

Time To Think About 2020

Still, there remains a lot of work to do to keep the gains. First, our work has expanded. There are still vulnerable Republicans to defeat, but we will also need to defend the gains from this election, like those in the Central Valley and Orange County. We also want to shift the Democratic party to be more progressive.

Second, several states have turned more Republican. In particular, Democrats did not fare well in Ohio, Iowa, and Florida. Florida is one of the six states The Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman thinks will decide the presidency. The other five states are Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and North Carolina. Democrats fared better in these states, but not by overwhelming margins.

Lastly, we have to fight against voter suppression and gerrymandering. As the close races in this election show, Republicans do not want everyone eligible to vote, or to even count every vote.

Check out the Swing SoCal Left calendar for steps to take now. There is a run-off election for the Mississippi Senate race.

The 2020 elections will be won by what we do in 2019.

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400 plus people at a rally to flip the 25th District in Palmdale to create a blue wave
10 Nov

SoCal Blue Wave: Mike Levin & Katie Hill Win, Other Races Probable Democratic

A blue wave came to Southern California on November 6th. We swung SoCal left! Mike Levin won in CA-49 against the Republican candidate. Katie Hill beat the Republican incumbent in CA-25.

Furthermore, while the outcome is not certain yet in CA-39, CA-45, and CA-48, analyses by the The Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman and see a high probability of a Democratic sweep. Election officials still have thousands of ballots to count. These outstanding ballots usually favor Democrats.

Specifically, Harley Rouda’s lead in CA-48 grows larger every day. He is now ahead by 3.6%. He declared himself the winner today.

In addition, although Katie Porter in CA-45 and Gil Cisneros in CA-39 both currently trail, by how much decreases daily. As of Friday evening, Katie Porter is now behind by barely 1%, and Gil Cisneros’ deficit is only 1.6%.

Find the status of CA-45 ballot counting here and a tally of ballots for CA-39 here.

We might not find out the fate of these races for a couple weeks, but it looks like Democrats will prevail.

All in all, despite the initial calls on election night, we had a blue wave here in Southern California. Just how big is yet to be determined!


Katie Hill on election night

Katie Hill on election night

Mike Levin on election night

Mike Levin on election night

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TJ Cox phonebanking at a Westside Democratic HQ phone bank
02 Nov

Volunteers Flood into CA-21 for Cox; Hotel Rooms Available

As T.J. Cox closes in on his Republican opponent in CA-21, volunteers are flooding into the district from north and south California.

The Democratic Party is arranging to make hotel rooms available to canvassers can stay overnight.

Hotel rooms are still available in Fresno, Delano, and Bakersfield from 11/3-11/7! Please fill out the below form if interested. More folks in Bakersfield are especially needed!

Click for GOTV Supporter housing hotel request form.

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obama texting, texting to voters, textbanking
30 Oct

Textbanking: Texting Voters For GOTV

Texting Voters

Texting voters, also referred to as textbanking, is now a thing. It is supplementing traditional GOTV efforts as volunteers and campaign workers send out thousands of texts daily to GOTV, persuade, and more.

In his run for Governor, Democrat Andrew Gillum credits texts with helping him win unexpected victories. While texting supporters has been around for several years, technology has changed who campaigns can text. Now, campaigns can reach out to voters without asking permission first.

Textbanking To GOTV

I started texting voters last Spring. While doing this, I have had numerous in-depth conversations. A lot of expletives have been thrown my way, too.

Still, I have found the conversations I do have rewarding. In addition to persuading voters, I have helped voters find their polling places and educated on the upcoming election. Even some of the conversations with those opposed to my views have been a friendly exchange of ideas. I also find texting less intrusive than phone calls.

Texting voters is a great tool to use for GOTV. Those who can not get out to canvass can still help with GOTV.  It can replace the need for extensive social media posts and is a good way to reach rural voters. Also, it seems especially more in tune with younger voters. Who answers phone calls from unfamiliar numbers anymore?

How To Text Voters

Textbanking is mostly done from software on a computer, although a few organizations have texting from a mobile phone. This software facilitates the sending of thousands of texts an hour without violating federal rules on mass texting.

The textbanking organizations provide training. Some have a fairly extensive (and sometimes overwhelming) one. Others will start you up with much less direction. There is usually a Slack channel that helps with questions.

Which Organizations Are Texting Voters?

Listed below are the ones I know about who are texting for progressive and/or Democrat candidates.

Open Progress is the one with whom I have texted the most. I have texted for Katie Hill with them. They have also had texting for other local candidates, like Katie Porter, Gil Cisneros, and Ammar Campa-Najjar. They do texting all over the country.

Red 2 Blue first facilitated texting for New York races. Recently, they have included campaigns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan.

Indivisible recently started texting for campaigns. Andrew Gillum was one of their first.

Resistance Labs texts for campaigns, but also sends out messages to organize protests and for issues.

ACLU People Power also texts for both elections and mobilization around issues.

MoveOn does it, too.

State and local political parties are doing it. For example, the Arizona Democratic Party has a program.

Individual campaigns have their own programs, too. Beto has volunteers texting. The Gavin Newsom campaign has texts going out. Al Muratsuchi, Assembly member for the Los Angeles South Bay area, has also been sending out texts.

Sign Up to Text

Texting is not a substitute for traditional GOTV efforts, like canvassing. But, if you can’t make it to a canvass, sign up with one of the organizations above. Texting voters is a great way to GOTV!

I would like to credit Gary Boston as a source for the texting organizations.

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not voting / Vote-By-Mail Ballots / last day to register to vote
22 Oct

Today Is The Last Day To Register To Vote!

The last day to register to vote in California for the November 6th election is today, October 22nd!

To register to vote, go here! Don’t forget to sign up for permanent vote-by-mail status.

If already registered, the last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot is October 30th. Request a vote-by-mail ballot here.

If the deadline to register has passed, citizens can still register and vote up to and on election day. This is done by voting conditionally at their county elections office or a designated satellite location. Find out more details on the process here.

Go here to check your voter registration status, where your polling location is, and much more.

Lastly, volunteer to help elect progressives! Check out our calendar of events.

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women writing postcards to voters
19 Oct

Writing Postcards To Voters – Indivisible Beach Cities

Indivisible Beach Cities has been writing postcards to voters all across the country for months. 

Handwritten postcards is an effective way to GOTV in our current political environment. Notably, recent research shows it comparable to door-to-door canvassing.

At a few recent parties, they (and I) wrote postcards for local swing district Democratic candidates Katie Porter (CA-45) and Gil Cisneros (CA-39). In the past, they have also sent postcards for Beto, Andrew Janz (CA-22), and many more all across the country.

Cumulatively, they have written thousands of postcards in support of progressive candidates.

With election day so close, this Sunday will probably be the last postcarding for November 6th. At this party, they will be writing to Katie Hill (CA-25) voters!

women writing postcards to voters women writing postcards to voters women writing postcards to voters

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Westside Dem HQ Bus
14 Oct

Take Westside Dem HQ Bus To Canvass In Swing Districts

Check out more events at the Westside Democratic HQ here
If you can’t make these, check out our calendar of events in the Los Angeles area and in local swing districts. There are plenty of other events that need volunteers, too!


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rock the polls voter concert
13 Oct

Rock The Polls Voter Concert In Santa Clarita October 21st

Join CA25 United for Progress and Students Next Up at the Rock The Polls Voter Concert in Santa Clarita! Get ready for an amazing night featuring some of the best up-and-coming bands in Los Angeles!

RSVP HERE for the October 21st concert!

The bands playing are:

Grandson (unplugged)
Lone Kodiak

Tickets are free! Students please bring a valid student ID and we will check your registration status, register you to vote, and you can sign a commit to vote card!

A raffle will include swag from: Conan & Bob’s Burgers

iHeartMedia 98.7 will have a truck on-site giveaways and raffles!

If you can’t make this, then check out other events in CA-25 to help elect Katie Hill to Congress on November 6th!

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Gun Sense Rally
11 Oct

Gun Sense Rally With Fred Guttenberg In CA-49

Come to the Gun Sense Rally and Neighborhood Walk with Fred Guttenberg and Moms Demand Action on October 20th in Vista. Rally starts at 9 am. A neighborhood canvass to help elect Mike Levin to Congress will follow.

Fred Guttenberg’s daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting. Since then, he has channeled his tremendous grief into action. Mr Guttenberg travels the country to advocate for common-sense gun reform. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement of Americans. They fight for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence.

Mike Levin has earned a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. Thus, he will fight for gun violence prevention. In contrast, his opponent, Diane Harkey, with her “A” rating from the NRA, will only fight to keep getting campaign contributions from the gun lobby.

Check out and RSVP to the full event listing here

For years, Congress has failed to enact effective legislation to address our nation’s gun violence epidemic. Mass shootings have come to dominate the headlines. As we have seen around the country, people are taking action to change that.

This will be a special day to honor the victims of gun violence by taking ACTION to take back Congress.  Unite with an army of activists.  Hear inspirational speakers, register voters, and canvass neighbors in CA-49.

If you have any questions please send an email to [email protected] or call 301-908-4259.

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Harley Rouda Tied
09 Oct

Harley Rouda Tied With Rohrabacher In New Poll

This UC Berkeley poll has Democratic Harley Rouda tied with Rohrabacher for the CA-48 Congressional District seat. 

Harley Rouda can win this district. Despite Republicans having a 10 point advantage in registration, Hillary Clinton won this district by 2%.

Rep. Rohrabacher has been in Congress for 15 terms. In 2016, he won this seat by 16 points. In the last two years, he has faced criticism for his ties to Russia and Wikileaks. During this term, he has voted with Trump 84% of the time.

It is time for him to go!

Come out and volunteer for Rouda! Find events here. He especially needs volunteers in the southern parts of his district.

Volunteers in Huntington Beach for Harley Rouda

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