CA25 United for Progress (25UP) has several events each week in CA-25. These events focus on getting progressives registered and voting in the district.

For example, they have a weekly postcarding and texting event. At this event, they text newly registered young voters, encouraging them to vote in November.

In reaction to the November 2016 election, 25UP was born. As stated on their website, the group wants to:

  • improve the environment
  • bolster educational achievement
  • elevate levels of civic engagement
  • promote healthy and happy communities
  • ensure equality, inclusiveness, fairness, and justice
  • provide security and safety
  • stimulate the economy
  • conduct research and publicize positions of candidates and elected officials concerning the above issues

Check out their upcoming events here. In addition, check out their events and all events in CA-25 here.  Help them elect Katie Hill to Congress in November!

25UP registering voters