The Fullerton City Council has voted not take a stance on the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against California for its sanctuary laws granting undocumented immigrants limited protections.

The decision and the resounding applause from the audience can be seen in the video below.

The vote to “receive and file” (i.e., stay silent on the motion) sends  message to alt right politicians and those who carry their water – scapegoating immigrants will draw fierce opposition from culturally diverse and cross-generational members of the North Orange County community. After almost six hours of informed and passionate public testimony, Mayor Chaffee, Mayor Pro Tem Sebourn and Councilman Silva opted to take no action killing the proposal to join a federal challenge to California’s so called “sanctuary state” laws. After voicing support for suing California, Councilman Bruce Whitaker abstained on the final vote and Councilwoman Jennifer Fitzgerald, who put the matter on the agenda, was handed a humiliating loss.  The majority of those in the packed house applauded loudly.

Pictures, video and text from Gaston Castellanos.  For more on the vote, see the story in the Daily Titan.